2 2 months ago

Competent but bizarre

I had an X-ray & ultrasound performed on my right wrist today. When I arrived early at the X-ray clinic, the receptionist immediately told me I was late, then corrected herself when I confirmed my appointment time. Then while the ultrasound technician was performing the ultrasound, she would direct me (quite abruptly) to move my wrist to a different position while still having the machine in contact with my arm restricting my motion. Very peculiar experience.

Reply by PDXN Quality Control Team 2 months ago
Dear Calin, The entire team at Premier Diagnostic Network would like to thank you for providing us feedback, it means a lot to us. We apologize for any inconveniences you may have experienced at our facility. It seems our receptionist made an error on their end which may have started your experience at our facility less ideal than expected. You also did highlight some aspects with our technologist which could provide valuable feedback to their area of practice. We provide the utmost care to thousands of patients and we aim to ensure that our patients are taken care of adequately. As per our complaint policy we would appreciate it if you contacted our patient care manager and file a complaint formally so that management can analyze and follow up with the citation right away You can reach the patient care manager at ithi.k@pdxn.ca, or 647-952-3488.Once again we apologize for any inconveniences you experienced, and would like you to know that your feedback is important and it would help us to improve services and avoid difficulties such as this in the future.