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Rude and unfroffesional behavior of front desk staff

Hi My name is John Boda I am the spouse of complainant Rebekkal John Boda. My wife was referred for X Ray imaging for her back pain to your institution Marksteels Medical Imaging (X Ray & Ultrasound) She was there as per the referral time schedule which was yesterday the 28th of January 2021. Her health card could not be renewed due to the Covid19 situation and, as such she had no issues at other places where ever she has been taking treatment. It is just that she could not get it renewed due to current situation.She does not want to go out because of her medical condition. The front desk was informed about this. However they demanded her to make payment. She told them politely that she was not asked money wherever she has been taking treatment recently. Still they insisted she paid, when my wife told them she did not have money, she was rudely told to pay $50 or get lost. She told them she does not have, then they told her to pay what ever she can pay. When she asked them when she would get the money back, they told her it could take as long as the card is not renewed and they are not concerned about it. The staff was so unprofessional that they literally bullied her and threatened her they would call cops if she does not leave immediately! It was like literally pushing her out of the clinic! When she told them this is not fair, they were rude and refused to take her and insulted her in front of few more people waiting It was freezing cold out side, but she had no choice. She called me to let me know the situation. I asked my wife to call her doctor who referred her to this facility. After that she left, but on her way back she called family doctor's office to inform the way she was treated at your facility. Seems family doctor got in touch with the facility and talked to the concerned. Wife was on the way home after that horrible experience. While she was on TTC on her way back she got a call from the felicity requesting her to come bac

Reply by PDXN Quality Control Team 3 months ago
Dear Rebokkal John Boda, Thank you for reaching out to us, and we are very sorry to hear about your experience at our Markham and Steeles location. We apologize for this situation, and we will make sure this will not happen in the future. We have conducted an internal investigation and found a verbal altercation between you and our staff. In regulations to our safety policies, they have requested you to leave the premises to end the confrontation. Any intention of video recording our staff and others within the medical centre without their consent is not permissible. Our policy is to ask and inform patients of a deposit or payment if a health card is not valid. Any health service provider has the right to deny the services or ask for the warranty if you are not showing enough proof for the Health Card's validity. Family physicians have a different way of processing billing or payments with OHIP. They use other billing codes to bill for their services, which may not be used for diagnostic purposes. In the meantime, we have instructed our staff about this unique situation and updated policies to serve better in future. Necessary action has been taken as well, and preparations to offer additional training is in place. Once again, thank you so much for this feedback, and we hope we can all work together to improve the quality of care we provide. All the staff are trying their best during this difficult time. We value and respect your opinion, and if you need any further assistance, please reach our Director at mylashanm@pdxn.ca. Thank you.